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Arvalee School Resource Centre, Omagh

Nursery and Primary: Junior Department


The first steps a child takes in the process of learning are very important and our Nursery Class sets out to support and guide our young pupils to begin that journey of learning through exploration, investigation and communication. The Nursery is based in a bright and stimulating classroom with access to a playground area. 

Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2

Pupils in Arvalee’s PrimaryDepartment are taught the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum through thematic approaches, incorporating thinking skills and personal capabilities and all our pupils are encouraged to be active learners. We have developed and continue to build on, a variety of teaching strategies to deliver the curriculum to pupils who experience challenges to learning and in providing individualised learning pathways.

The primary curriculum is divided into six areas of learning:

  • Language Development and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • The World Around Us
  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding 
  • Physical Development 
  • The Arts

The children throughout the department have Individual Learning Programmes with Individual Education Plans to ensure that we are giving the appropriate opportunities for each child to grow, learn and achieve. Through these plans pupils are engaged in learning experiences that match their learning needs and learning is carefully monitored so each child can achieve. These programmes include a special focus on communication, structure and sensory awareness based on the child. We want all our children to shine and be prepared with the skills and qualities they need to support their learning as they move into our Secondary and Post 16 Department.