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C19 Testing from week beginning 15th March

1st Mar 2021

On 1st March the School was asked to start giving the opportunity for each pupil and staff member within the building to be tested. This is a process that has been developed by PHA and EA. There was an issue with the test kits in the week beginning 8th March but the kits are in place for full commencement on the week beginning 12th March.

This is a voluntary process and letters of consent can be obtained by contacting the Admin office. The school understands that the test may not be possible for all the pupils and would like to thank everyone for their attempts and support in this matter.

The process is described in the Sway presentation you can access at this link - TESTING OVERVIEW

This Week, beginning the 12th March 2021, the schedules of the weeks process is as follows;

  • Tuesday: any new consent forms confirmed and lists clarified of those who require a Test kit
  • Thursday: Test Kits prepared and distributed
  • Friday: Test sample taken at home, sent in and gathered by school by 9.30am. Then the samples will be transported to Queen's University Belfast for the Test completion.
    • The School will be informed of the outcome of the test and if you do not hear from the school by 4pm the test is negative. 

It is planned that the schedule of Thursday and Friday will continue throughout the test period.

Please note the following;

  1. The carrying out of Tests is to support the school in taking forward a safe environment for all who come to school.
  2. A negative test only means that the individual does not have Covid 19 at the point of the test. If symptoms develop the days after the test ensure that you seek medical advice as per the PHA guidance.
  3. All mitigations must continue to be followed regardless of the test result in line with PHA advice. 
  4. It is planned that this will be a weekly event and go on until 31st June 2021 or until PHA have instructed that it should no longer be offered. 

A frequently asked questions is attached below and an information leaflet for your information.


FAQs Testing (1st Mar 2021) Download
Test Leaflet (1st Mar 2021) Download