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Mathletics Update!!!

4th Jun 2020

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again! I hope you are all well!

Here is an update on all the super learning that took place this month! Lots of children are working very hard during this pandemic and we are all very impressed in Arvalee School with more children getting involved each month and receiving their silver awards!

*Remember you must get 1000 points within a week to receive a certificate! So many of you are so close to getting your certificates!

Have a look at the mathletes who have stepped it up on the board this month!

1 Bronze:

Ava Crawford

3 Bronze:

Paul O’Neill

Jessica O’Brien

4 Bronze:

Stephen Gerard Dillon

James Teague


*Remember you must get 5 Bronze certificates to receive your first Silver Award Certificate. Then you will be moved to the next stage in our Arvalee Mathletics Leader Board.

We have 3 New Silver Certificate Mathletes in Arvalee School...Congratulations to Eoin, Cianain and Cody!

1 Silver:

Eoin Mc Laughlin:

7 Bronze 1 Silver

Cianain Corrigan:

9 Bronze 1 Silver

Cody McAleer:

6 Bronze 1 Silver

Alicia Coyle:

9 Bronze 1 Silver


2 Silver:

Samuel Kane:

11 Bronze 2 Silver

Aaron McFarland:

12 Bronze 2 Silver


Congratulations to our 3 new faces on the Mathletics Leader board: Ava Crawford, Paul O’Neill and James Teague!


The Top Mathletes in each hub go to…

Neil Elliot, the top Mathlete in Blue Hub!!!

Samuel Kane, the new top Mathlete in Yellow Hub!!!

Cianain Corrigan, the new top Mathlete in Green Hub!!!

Congratulations to Aaron McFarland on holding his place as Top Mathlete in Arvalee School with a new score of 88,407


Keep up the amazing work!