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Arvalee School Resource Centre, Omagh

Key Stage 5 pupils from Omagh Schools gain Boccia Leadership Award from Disability Sport Northern Ireland

19th Feb 2018

Key Stage 5 pupils from Arvalee School, Omagh Academy, Omagh High School, Christian Brothers Grammar School, Loreto Grammar School and Sacred Heart College have been participating and learning how to play, coach and organise Boccia activities together. Boccia is a fully inclusive target ball sport, similar in principle to bowls but is played indoors with soft leather balls. It is a sport of intriguing tactics, incredible skill and nail biting tension. It is played at Paralympic level, suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities.  On Tuesday 30th January the pupils worked hard to achieve a Boccia Leadership Award from Disability Sport Northern Ireland. The pupils learned about the; history/background of Boccia, rules, refereeing skills, coaching activities/strategies, court layout, inclusive equipment/strategies and how to organise a competition.  

The pupils will have opportunities to put the organisation, communication, coaching and refereeing skills they have learned into action on Tuesday 27th February at the' Boccia Skills Festival' at Arvalee School involving Arvalee's Key Stage 2 pupils. This is all in preparation for the first 'Strule Boccia Championship' on Wednesday 21st March, held at the Omagh Leisure Centre. The 'Strule Boccia Championship' will involve Key Stage 3 pupils from Mainstream and Special Schools in the Omagh area competing for the Strule Boccia Cup. 

All Key Stage 5 pupils have thoroughly enjoyed working and learning with each other, they are very excited and looking forward to working as a team at the 'Boccia Skill Festival' and 'Strule Boccia Championship'.