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Arvalee School Resource Centre, Omagh

A Caring School

In Arvalee School we work together as a community to make it a caring school. A school that is friendly and welcoming, where we we seek to implement a vision which will ensure that;

  • Each child is valued
  • Each child is learning
  • Each child is cared for
  • Each child is safe and 
  • Each child has his/her effort and success celebrated.

Throughout our education programmes, our curriculum and our organisation of the school we seek to engage staff, parents, pupils and all those who deal with or support the school in any way to deliver this vision. This comes across in what we do in the school, what we say and how we say it and in plans we make to progress the School for the children and young people. The challenge is that each person, no matter what their role is, will exhibit these values.

Here are examples of some of the policies, procedures and activities that we facilitate that we would hope will help us implement this vision and make a caring school a reality.

  • We listen to the children and young people and endeavour to facilitate a Pupil Council, create pupil centred learning plans and ensure that pupils comments and opinions have an impact on the school development
  • We offer a breakfast club and access to drinking water and continually try to ensure pupils are ready to learn
  • We follow the criteria to be a Health Promoting School
  • We facilitate Councilling and have a pupil referal system to ensure pupils can share their concerns and talk things over confidentially
  • We follow Child Protection procedures and implement procedures to ensure that nothing is missed.
  • We follow Care Plans and Medical Advice for our pupils and seek to ensure that the children are safe with us.
  • We promote positive behaviour and celebrate respect, kindness and consideration of others.
  • We talk with and listen to parents regarding their child's curriculum and pastoral care.
  • We celebrate the achievements and successes of children and young people in classrooms, assemblies and School events. 
  • We offer a stimulating curriculum that is reviewed and monitored to ensure it meets the needs of the children.
  • We work with others, share our skills and continually seek to develop as individuals, as a staff and as a community to improve learning opportunities for children. 

We believe and want to ensure that Arvalee School is a special place for children and young people to attend, for staff to work and for parents to engage with and we want everyone who has contact with us to feel this warmth and help us make this a reality. We believe that each person that engages with us has their part to play to ensure that pupils shine in Arvalee School. If you would like to visit or get to know more about our School please contact us.

The Arvalee School Pastoral Development Team

  • Vice Principal (Pastoral Responsibilities): Nadine Grant
  • Head of Pastoral Junior Depatment: Kathleen Gallagher
  • Head of Pastoral Senior Department: Martina Flannigan