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Arvalee School Resource Centre, Omagh

Home Learning Support

6th Jan 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

These are really worrying times for everyone and we face the possibility of a full lockdown and further restrictions until February.  

At this point Arvalee School is planning to remain open for all or as many pupils as is possible, however we are already being impacted by increased mitigation and staffing levels. Many of you have elected to keep your child at home and the school is seeking to support you in this if at all possible.

The current arrangement to support home learning is as follows

  • Parent/Carer will be contacted and a home learning pack provided for the child, a time for pick up will be agreed with the teacher.
  • The Teacher will advise regarding the work for each day and how to plan it. If appropriate this conversation should be with the pupil as well.
  • The parent and pupil will be contacted via SeeSaw, Microsoft Teams and/or a weekly phone call on a designated day/time.
  • The above will be agreed for each pupil with the parent/carer and will depend on the pupil’s learning needs.

This arrangement will be reviewed on a weekly basis and will depend on the directives given by the Minister of Education, DE, EA and PHA.

Due to staff sickness there may be times when this process faulters, please keep in contact with the school. For any pastoral issues, including access to counselling for your child, any issues regarding Therapies or simply to let us know you are doing well please contact Miss Kathleen Gallagher, and any issues regarding home learning or accessing teacher support please contact Mr Paul O’Gara.

We will get through this together and I pray that you all keep safe.

Home Learning January 5th
6th Jan 2021