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Arvalee School Resource Centre, Omagh

Outdoor Education: Skills needed for Life

Arvalee School promotes a curriculum that is tailored to the individual child and is full of experiences that you 'can't always get in an APP'. In an age where we are increasingly bound by TVs and computers we endeaviour to develop an Outdoor Education programme that provides children with skills in

  • Physical development and a healthy lifestyle
  • Personal and Social development including working with others
  • Appreciation of and care for the world in which they live

While also

  • Giving each child new experiences and memories that will enrich their lives

This approach is embedded throughout our curriculum and activities include wildlife walks, gardening/horticulture and trips to a variety of countryside parks, getting pupils close to nature. These activities are examples of how learning is supported in Learning Areas such as Literacy, Science, PE and developing Personal Skills and Capabilities. We seek to use these opportunities to promote communication and develop positive behaviour through this change of learning environment.

As the children move through the school we consider their individual needs and they have opportunities to go on Residential trips, complete environmental and outdoor activities that help expose pupils to experiences that cannot be provided within the confines of school. As the young people learn new skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits there is the opportunity to participate in the three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, namely; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Outdoor Education Programme has included activities such as;

  • Mountain Biking
  • Canoeing
  • Orienteering
  • Swimming
  • Wall Climbing
  • Hill Walking
  • Body Boarding
  • Horse Riding

We aim that these activities are both enjoyable and challenging. Where the children can gain confidence and improve self-esteem while developing social skills as well as learning respect for the environment. We have also seen that pupils who have engaged in these activities have increased their motivation and appetite for learning back in school. These valuable learning experiences have supported many pupils in developing the skills they need for life after school which have served them well in future Post 19 placements, vocational training and/or employment depending on the needs of the individual pupil.

For more information regarding these experiences you can contact

  • Outdoor Education Teacher: Nadine Grant
  • Physical Education Teacher: Paul O'Gara

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